What Seattle Taught Me

  1. The people you travel with will have a huge impact on your trip.
  2. Call your parents everyday.
  3. Don’t just pack heels. Flats will be your best friends.
  4. It’s important to smile, even when you really, truly don’t want to.
  5. Networking is scary but extremely crucial.
  6. Be more conscious of how much money you spend on vacation.
  7. French macarons are the BEST type of cookie.
  8. Any time is the right time for cheesecake.
  9. Seafood bisque + bread bowl = deliciousness
  10. Seattle is not the best place for those with a fear of heights.
  11. Top Pot has fantastic donuts.
  12. DON’T expect future trips to be as great as past ones. This is a new adventure, enjoy it for what it is, and don’t compare it to anything else.

Thanks to Seattle for a really cool trip. See you soon.

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