ICTV’s Newswatch

I am quite an impatient person. So, when I heard of ICTV and the opportunities that surrounded it, I did not hesitate to find out all that I could. With that being said, I became a meteorologist on one of their shows, Newswatch, during the second semester of my freshman year.

Meteorologists have a relatively large portion of speaking time on the 30-minute show. In the first block, I get to tease my weather segment, which allows me to talk for about 15 seconds inviting the audience to stay tuned for my full forecast. The third block is dedicated entirely to weather, where I begin at the desk with the anchors, move over to the green screen to speak for 3 minutes about the local and prominent national weather, and then go back to the desk to close out the segment. Finally, I sit at the desk at the end of the show to talk about last minute weather and close out Newswatch with the rest of the talent.

It is not hard to commit to the position – it only takes up one night each week. Because I really enjoy the show, it doesn’t feel like work at all. The students at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College are dedicated to the television channel, which makes the experience so worth it. The audience isn’t large (it consists mostly of our parents) but their motivation to put on a flawless live show is still so immense. Honestly, the experience is just so rewarding and enjoyable.

Throughout the remainder of my college years, I hope to either be a reporter or an anchor as well as the meteorologist. All three positions will be helpful in enhancing my reel and resume for possible job opportunities in the future. The studio is just a short bus ride away, so I am grateful that I am able to participate in such a wonderful program.

Broadcast meteorology is a field I have had interest in since I was a little girl. I feel that being the weatherman is a job that everyone secretly wishes they could do at some point in their life, but very few people actually follow through with it. Although I have been on the show for less than a year, the on-air time I have had has been an incredibly fun and beneficial experience.

Although there are only a few spots, this is not an opportunity that is limited to just me. Anyone who enjoys the weather or talking in front of a camera would love being a part of Newswatch. As of now, I have a strong feeling that this is the career path I would like to follow; however, even if I change my mind, this would not have been a waste of time. I’ll always have the videos to laugh at, and at the very least, it will have (hopefully) improved my public speaking skills.

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up – with perfect hair and makeup – to go into a fancy studio to tell their parents the weather? Well, probably a lot of people. But as for me, I live for it. After all, if no one can communicate the weather to the public, then the forecaster’s hard work will have gone to waste.

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