My Flawless VoxBox

Before I begin, I just want to remind you that Influenster sent me this complimentary box full of wonderful products to test out so I could give them my honest opinions. The VoxBox I received was titled the “Flawless” VoxBox, and I’ll give you my thoughts on a few of the products that were inside.

First, I was given the opportunity to try out the Harvest Snaps® Snapea Crisps. I definitely recommend them, they are a healthy alternative to other snacks and they are delicious. They also come in many flavors, so I guarantee you’ll find a variety that you’ll enjoy.

I was also given Covergirl® So Lashy! Mascara. I am quite picky with my mascaras, but I truly enjoyed using this one. It was lengthening and long-lasting, and I will be repurchasing it.

I received two Yogi® tea bags, and as a tea lover, I really enjoyed them. Both cups were delicious. They have many flavors, so this is a great brand to try out if you are new to tea.

Finally, the last product worth mentioning was a Sinful Colors® Nail Polish. I loved the red color, and it dried matte, which was a bonus. It was a nice addition to this box.

Thanks again to Influenster for sending me this box. I look forward to reviewing more products!




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