3. Day in the Life

Well, this is it. Summer has finally come to a close and it’s time to head back to school. So my parents and I packed up the car and headed to New York. (As usual, New Jersey, you will be missed.)

Five hours later, we arrived. I am so excited for this year: I have a new living situation, a great schedule, and some wonderful friends. I’m definitely going to miss my family and everyone else in NJ, but this is something I have to do and I can’t wait to get started.

So after we unpacked the car, my room was a disaster. Hours of organizing were needed. However, we went for ice cream instead. Shortly after, I said goodbye to my wonderful parents, and met up with a friend.

After helping her organize her new apartment, we decided to come back and tackle mine. With some help, I was able to clean everything up in a shorter amount of time than I anticipated, which was great.

Yesterday was the usual “move in” day that every college student has. But it also marks the beginning of a new year. Stay tuned.



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