Tourist or Local?

Regardless of your home town, you are allowed to enjoy vacationing or taking day trips without being stereotyped or given a title.

Go to the beach. Be obnoxious. Have fun. You can enjoy yourself without being rude.

Explore. Go somewhere new. Ask questions if you get lost.

Take so many pictures. Bring along your DSLR camera and your phone. Capture every moment.

Play the boardwalk games. Go into the arcade. Win a huge prize and show it off.

Money is important, but so are you. Be wise with your purchases, but don’t be too restrictive. Splurge on having a good time.

Who cares if you’re a local or a tourist? Smile, and don’t let anyone’s opinion of you throw off your day. Your memories and laughs are more important than anything else.



Thanks to my inspiration for this post.

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