Character Spotlight: Nick Wilde

Jason Bateman brings this character to life in Disney’s Zootopia. I do my best to watch all of Disney’s feature films. More often than not, one of their movies strikes me in such a great way. For example, from the first time I viewed Zootopia, I wanted to watch it again. Since then, I have seen this movie more times than I care to admit. Zootopia is not the first Disney film that has made me feel this way. However, it is the first movie that has absolutely made me fall in love with one of their characters: Nick Wilde.


This character is just one of many whom decide to break away from their conventional animal images while in the big city of Zootopia. However, Nick takes more time – and needs some help – in order to do so. Although he eventually shakes off the stereotypical fox ideals, he always stays true to himself. This is something I admired in this character: his humor remains sly yet his loyalty does not falter.


Nick balances well with the story’s main character, Judy Hopps. In fact, Nick and Judy’s relationship blossoms so wonderfully as the story progresses, that their story should be continued. I can’t be the only person who thinks that this movie deserves a sequel. The whole premise behind this movie leaves so much creative room for the writers to come up with another movie. Maybe next time, Nick can even be the front runner. Until then, I’m going to just rewatch Zootopia. Because – are you even surprised? – Disney has done it yet again.







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