Primark – a store that is brand new to the United States – has just opened up in my local mall. Since its opening on July 16, I’ve already been there…twice. It’s an interesting store, but here are three things you should keep in mind before you visit:

  • Don’t get overwhelmed. Start from one side and work your way around the store. The store has a lot to offer, so make sure you see it all. I guarantee that you’ll find something that you love.
  • Don’t be surprised by the price tags – this place is budget friendly. The quality isn’t the best, but you pay a great price for what you get. giphy.gif
  • When you get to the mall, you should either start or end with Primark. If you can get in and out of this store in less than an hour, I would be impressed. So depending on how you’re feeling, either get it out of the way, or save the best for last.


Overall, I really like this store. The shoe department is huge, and the home department is adorable. The store offers clothes for every age range, and the fitting room is a maze. I’m excited that Primark has finally made its way to the United States.




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