Save Your Tickets!

“Can we go to the boardwalk? Is it open? I want to play the games!”

The quote above is from a friend of mine who decided to visit me this summer. It’s really great to live in a place where many people vacation. Yes, the locals have to deal with lost tourists and busy parking lots, but it also gives us a lot to do when the weather is nice.

I have gone to the boardwalk since I was in a stroller, and now that I am older, it seems that many of my friends have jobs either in the ride park or in the arcade. Thus, I still frequent the boardwalk, especially when I have visitors in town.

Of my many years playing games in the arcade, I never remember to bring all of my tickets in order to redeem them. However, when a very excited friend of mine (V) came into town (begging to play the claw games), I figured that I might as well finally trade in my tickets for a prize.

So I took my tickets up to the desk while V began playing some claw games (which, by the way, have become even more impossible to win). It turned out that I acquired 36,000 tickets since 2005. Hours of playing poker in the arcade had certainly paid off.

What did I decide to get? Me? A major foodie? Well I went right to the small appliance section, and I found it: a waffle maker. I was so excited. It makes waffles in the shapes of animals. It was perfect.

I also cashed my tickets in for a sign that is currently in my living room. It essentially brags to all of our guests about how wonderful it is living at the Jersey Shore. (Also, I gave the remainder of my tickets to an adorable child who was thrilled).

At the end of the day, it was nice to finally get rid of the pile of tickets that I saw every time I went into my garage. V also had a great time. We went home with prizes from the outside games as well. Overall, I’d give that day a 10/10.


Bonus: bake your cinnamon buns in a waffle maker instead of the oven. Trust me.

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