Three Reasons to Wear Your Letters

  1. You should be proud of your new community, so wear your letters proudly. You have been initiated into a group that you feel best resembles your morals and values. You are a member of a group that is respected by a larger community. You should be happy about this, so display those greek letters with pride.
  2. Although not everyone else is aware of the hidden meanings of your fraternity or sorority, by being a member, you definitely are. So remember that as you put on your lettered spirit jersey or bucket hat. Years of hard work and tradition were invested in order to get your community to its place today.
  3. When you’re not on campus, you never know who could be admiring your attire. Thus, you don’t know if you will bump into one of your sisters or brothers from another university. Wearing your letters is just one way to branch out to others from the same organization.

There are so many reasons to be proud of your community, but I decided to remind you of three of them because the best things come in threes. Just remember: you are ALWAYS wearing your letters. You will always be a member of your fraternity or sorority, so show good faith and remember that everything you do represents your community. Whether written on your clothing or just in your heart, these letters become your responsibility.


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