I feel like summer is quickly flying by, and in a moment where I feel like I am at rock bottom, I have decided to stop to think and appreciate a few ideas recently.


If you feel nothing but joy – whether it be for a moment or an hour – put your phone away and truly indulge in whatever is putting a smile on your face. You don’t know when that feeling will end, and you don’t know how quickly that pure joy can turn into sadness.


People come and go, but they still change your life in some aspect, so appreciate them while you have them.  Appreciate them when they visit you from near or far. Appreciate them before they graduate or move away. Regardless of whether they are considered family or a peer or friend, enjoy their presence while you are given the ability to. In this case, take out your camera and capture those moments. When those people are gone, you’ll always have the memories.


Being an only child, I did not have to deal with sharing a room (or anything) with any siblings. I quickly adjusted to college life since I was fortunate enough to live in a single during my freshman year. However, for my sophomore year, not only am I living in a double, but I am living in a house with 30 other girls. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled for the next few months, but that private single will be missed.


By no means am I out of my youth, but I am definitely beginning to see that my adulthood is quickly approaching. Thus, I am trying to take advantage of the free time I have before it is out of my control. Grasp every opportunity as it comes toward you, and appreciate the times you are able to say yes to something new. Love your youth so you can smile as you look back on it.


Everyone can agree on one thing: there are not enough hours in a day. And with that, there are not enough hours in a week, month, etc. Appreciate the time you are given, and use it wisely. Work efficiently, laugh constantly, and smile endlessly. More than anything, enjoy your time doing whatever it is you enjoy to do.

Never forget to enjoy your life and appreciate every single moment.


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