Never Grow Up: Disney Overview

The last time I had vacationed in Walt Disney World was in 2011, and it was hardly a vacation. I was there for a weekend to perform on stage. So truly, I had not been to my favorite place in over five years. This trip to my childhood fantasy destination was long overdue.

Honestly, Disney is more than a childhood fantasy. It’s a getaway. It’s a place full of smiles. It’s a place that arguments cease to exist. If you know the classic stories and have watched the movies countless times, Disney is ~literally~ a dream come true vacation.

While there, I tried to accomplish more than just relaxation. I needed to remind myself of why I am so in love with this place. My parents and I tried to explore each park to its fullest, riding every ride and viewing most shows. My father’s favorite ride is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, so we ended up going there twice.

While we there the second time, we decided to talk to one of the employees. I have an interest in applying for the DCP, so I asked her if she knew anything about what it is like. She gave me some valuable information that made me really think and reevaluate my goals. I don’t plan on changing my current path, but I have figured out my dreams (career-wise).

So here’s my dream: work for a company that you fall more in love with everyday. Work for a company that makes you and your audience smile. Work for a company that makes a difference in some way. Work for a company that matters.

So overall, Disney is more than a childhood fantasy. It’s a child’s greatest dream, but it’s a dream that can come true. I feel nothing but hope when I am gazing at the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. I know that not everyone will understand my never ending fascination with this place, but that’s okay. I know that every single child in that park understands, and that’s enough for me. Make your own rules in this world. Find a job you love. Stay a child forever.


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