Airport Nightmare

I am currently on my journey home from Orlando, Florida, and am experiencing some ~major~ delays with my flight. Something about maintenance issues with the plane. Basically, I have been stuck at the airport for over eight hours. I’ve been surrounded by the same group of people all day. Just a few are as follows:

  1. The Immature Flyer: the teenager that is traveling for the first time on her own, calling her parents every 15 minutes to update them on the situation, although the conversation is essentially the same each time
  2. The Frequent Flyer: the mom who won’t shut up about how many issues she’s had with this airline before (she also has no problem mentioning the number of places that her and her daughter have traveled to)
  3. That Drunk Guy: the person who began drinking at 9:00 AM, when he first heard that the flight was delayed, and has continued to drink and be disruptive all day
  4. The Solo Flyer: the man who talks to anyone and everyone he can find because he is bored and lonely
  5. The Isolated Flyer: the woman who is sitting by the window of the gate, trying to avoid conversation, just waiting for the plane to be ready so she can go home (me)

Regardless of who they are, everyone is upset. We are restless, bored, and angry with this airline. As I am typing, the flight was just cancelled. What a great way to waste a day and a lovely way to end a vacation.

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