Just Your Average Student

While growing up, school seemed to be something I enjoyed. From kindergarten to middle school, it was clear that I was academically ahead of my peers. I don’t know why or how, but I was. Because of this, I ended up at an accelerated high school; a high school that you needed to apply to get into; a high school that was elite and only accepted “Ocean County’s best and brightest.” Again, I really don’t know why or how, but I was invited to attend this high school.

This is when I quickly noticed that I was not as smart as my previous schooling had led me to believe. My high school did not rank us, so I can’t tell you exactly where I was. But out of the 70 of us in my class, I could guarantee you that I was not near the top. I never got straight A’s. I never got high honor roll. I was definitely not a bad student, but it took some work to get by.

For some reason, I was accepted to Cornell University – an Ivy League institution. So if I thought my elite high school was difficult, I had no idea what was in store for me. I truly don’t know how I ended up here. Yes, I am incredibly ambitious and am deeply involved in a wide variety of extracurriculars. Yes, I am a decent writer, so my essay was intriguing. However, my SAT scores and GPA were nowhere near as high as they needed to be. When I received the acceptance letter, I was genuinely shocked. It almost stunned me for the next few months as a basked in the enjoyment of it all.

However, when I finally arrived to Ithaca in August, it was a whirlwind. First, I cannot do math. Math was always my best subject…ALWAYS. I was usually miles ahead everyone else when it came to math class. English? Bottom of the class. History? That’s a funny joke. But math? I was always near the top. But college math is way more difficult; so difficult, that I have to take my remaining math classes at community college over the summer. I have to rely on their transferability to get me through my major.

Besides the math, everything else is just much more difficult, which I expected. I am still in the process of handling everything. This post is more of a rant/venting session than an inspirational message or something of that nature. Yes, an average student can be accepted into an Ivy League school. However, that does not guarantee his or her success. I am struggling quite a lot this semester. I doubt I will get any grades higher than a B+, which is really scary and upsetting. It’s hard to cope with the fact that you can bury your nose in a book for hours, yet you won’t get the grades you hope for. Speaking of that, I’m finishing this post here. Because it is finals week, and I need to pass Calculus 2.



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