Two More Weeks

As I sit at my desk, procrastinating my final assignments of freshman year, my mind begins to wander. In just two weeks, I will be leaving this dorm forever. My first year in college will be over. I am incredibly anxious, because quite frankly, I have never been a fan of change.

Wow, I am shaking while writing this. My first semester was definitely rough for me. But this second semester has truly been a 180° flip. I have learned so much and met many new, amazing people. But with that being said, I have known them for only a few months, while living in this setting. In two weeks, this will all end, and something new will begin. I guess this is what is interesting about college: each year is a new chapter, a new setting, a new story. High school is generally the same scene each year. But here, in Ithaca, NY, I am living in a new place each year. Along with that, I am essentially doing something completely new with each semester. I’m not going to lie…it’s really scary.

To begin, I am going to miss the comfort of living on North Campus. For those of you who are not familiar with this campus, all first-year students live here. It is a nice way to begin the college experience, because most of my close friends live a walking distance of 3 minutes away. I can even use my ID card to swipe into my best friend’s building. It is just so easy.

Next year, everyone will be much more distant from each other. Yes, because my major is so intimate, I will see my closest friends in most of my classes. However, when we leave class, we will walk in nearly opposite directions. The ease and comfort that have followed me around these past few months will disappear in just two weeks.

In August, I will be moving into my sorority house. This will definitely be a new chapter in my life. Because of this, my experience in a dorm only lasted me one year. I will never live in a situation like this again. It’s sad, because I enjoyed this set up. Sharing the bathroom was not terrible, and having my room to myself was wonderful. My suitemates are angels, and I will miss having them right next door all the time.

Never again will I live with these people. Never again will I have the comfort of having my friends live so close by. Never again will I live in this dorm. Never again.

Never again…as of two weeks from now.

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