Sweet Potato Fries (with Vegan Dip)

I LOVE SWEET POTATO FRIES SO MUCH (surprise, surprise). Because I eat them so often, I needed to find a healthy alternative. So while I was home, I barely left the kitchen. During this time, I decided to try a recipe which involved BAKING sweet potatoes…and I was very successful.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic Powder

I used two sweet potatoes for my recipe, and it was able to serve as a snack for four people (even though I ate most of them).

I began by cutting them into slices that were thin enough to make sure they baked completely while in the oven in the allotted time. Just think of the shape of your standard french fry.

I then placed all of my fries into a large bowl. I then drizzled some olive oil over them before going spice-crazy. I love garlic, so I favored that while adding in my spices. But just eyeball the amount of each you want to add. Don’t go crazy with the salt, for that my dry them out while they are baking. You can always add the salt after they are finished (which I highly recommend).

Place parchment paper onto your baking sheets (I ended up needing two). Place the fries onto the sheets, but be careful not to crowd them.

I baked them at 450° for a total of 40 minutes, and I flipped them half way through. But this is just an estimate. Keep an eye on them as they bake to make sure that they don’t burn. You want them to crisp up, but there is a fine line between perfection and failure.

After 40 minutes, I took them out and sprinkled salt over them. I let them cool for about 5 minutes. During this time, I decided to make a chipotle dip.

This dip is incredibly simple to make (and it’s vegan)! I combined one part hot sauce to four parts vegan mayonnaise. I just stirred it together in the ramekin and placed it next to my beautiful sweet potato fries.

This is one of my favorite snacks, so I was thrilled at how successful I was. They were superb, and I truly recommend you give them a try.

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