I assumed that when I would travel home from college, I would always see just a random assortment of people. I would, of course, see my parents, but I did not think I would always see the same friends. With everyone in different locations, I had prepared myself to only see my close friends during winter and summer breaks. However, I guess if one friend loves you enough, you’ll see her every single time you go home. You might even travel to New Jersey for the main purpose of seeing her. That’s just how special she is. The people I see every time I go home are the best people in my life. I honestly can’t ask for a better core group of people.

With all that aside, glance over these ridiculous pictures from the last time I ventured out of New York:

Relationship goals = brushing your teeth together while wearing baseball caps

My mother and I are adorable (this was taken in the McDonald’s parking lot).

Please enjoy this picture of my father and I in the produce aisle, chilling next to the broccoli and baby carrots.

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