Oh Gannett

Today I went to the doctor. Fun fact: I HATE THE DOCTOR. I’ll go to the dentist every week if it meant I never had to have a well visit ever again. But of course, that isn’t logical.

I was up last night with a terrible cough and a few other pains. So after calling the local doctor at 4 AM and being told to just eat a snack and take some Advil, I feel asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I made an appointment to actually go take care of what was wrong.

I won’t go into detail about what illnesses I currently possess, but I’ll tell you the following: they made me put on a mask upon arrival (as if I’m a contagious monster) and then change into a gown once I was in a private room. A MASK AND A GOWN. These precautions really amped up my nerves.

Nonetheless, the “nurse practitioner” figured out what my problems were and gave me my prescriptions. I am now knowledgeable on how to correctly use an inhaler and pop pills twice a day.

I can’t wait for the medicine to work. Being sick, especially while away from home, is a really terrible thing. If anyone is currently feeling under the weather, I hope you feel better really soon.




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