Post Concert Depression

This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends that I’ve had in a very long time. I left early on Friday to catch a bus that would take me (after seven hours) to Philadelphia.

After I arrived, my best friend picked me up from the bus terminal and we grabbed food, only before parking and spending the rest of the night in the presence of an angel. Troye Sivan’s concert was absolutely amazing. It left me in tears at one point (and I rarely cry). The general admission environment is something I believe everyone should experience at some point. It’s literal torture, but once the performer comes on stage, nothing else matters besides you and the music. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I had to make arrangements to travel back to New York, because I had tickets to see Fall Out Boy in Syracuse on Sunday with my suitemates.

We left at about 5:00 on Sunday from Ithaca, and arrived while PVRIS was on stage. Besides Fall Out Boy, Awolnation was headlining the tour. This concert was fantastic. It was nice to have tickets to a seat, so we did not have to stress about general admission. This is the second time I’ve seen FOB live, and they did not disappoint.

So, when is the next concert? I can’t wait.


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