Broadcasting: Take One

This post is three weeks late. THREE. Maybe that’s how long it has taken me to finally come to terms with the criticism I received. Regardless, let’s talk about my first live, on-air broadcast.

Because being on someone’s snapchat story is the finest form of flattery:


As you can see, quite a few people tuned in to this broadcast. I mean, they are all friends of mine. They watched because they care about me. With that being said, they also made comments because they care about me. But it’s still hard to accept the bad remarks and move on. This alone is a skill I need to work on.

Of course I was excited. But my parents were even more ecstatic. I enjoyed doing the show. It was really cool to be live and receive immediate feedback from my parents and anyone else who watched the show. The feedback was all positive from family and friends from home who watched. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

But from the people here, the comments were not the nicest. I understand where they’re coming from, it’s just difficult to smile and say “Thanks for that,” after the comment (or long list of comments) is pretty insulting. It was my first broadcast. I’m a freshman. What do you expect.

I would never quit because of negative comments. I’m not saying their feedback is making me rethink my on-air presence. I plan on improving, but I have to start somewhere. If I was “ditzy” or “clearly nervous” or whatever, that just means that there is room to improve.

Again, I need to work on receiving harsh criticism and using it to get better. I will enhance that skill right alongside my broadcasting skills.



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