2. Day in the Life

I woke up early, grabbed brunch with a friend, and started preparing for the long day ahead of me. I was coming off of a 10 hour work shift, which left me with only 5 hours of sleep. But still, I needed to be ready to go.

Sorority initiation was at 11:00 AM. After a month-long new member period, it was so exciting to finally be initiated into Delta Delta Delta. I won’t go into much detail, but I am happy to say that I am finally a full member, and I am so excited for the next few months.

After the ceremonies and picture-taking festivities, my Big and I went to a restaurant in the commons. Because she is wonderful, we went to a place that gave me a ton of vegan options. I decided on a pesto panini — wow, it was delicious.

Afterwards, she dropped me off at my dorm and I had to get changed to head over to Ithaca College. The bus picked me up an hour later, and then it was time to prepare my slides for the show tonight.

Soon enough, 7:30 came around and we were live (ictv.org)! The technology was terrible, but the experience was wonderful.

I was excited to re-watch the show at 10, then get some rest. I was so exhausted, but it was a cool day.

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