A Letter to my Mom

To the greatest human being alive:

I hope this post gets my words across to you.

You are truly the most inspirational and loving woman I have ever had the honor of knowing, and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be your daughter. You don’t give yourself enough credit, and I don’t help you with that. I need to change…so let me say this: you are so amazing. You are the most amazing mother I have ever met, and I can’t believe you’re mine.

You deserve the world, but you don’t receive a 1/4 of it. You deserve a family who constantly reminds you how much we need you, because quite honestly, our lives would fall apart without you. You are the bond that keeps us functioning, and I am forever grateful for that.

In the future, I promise to be more open with you, because I know that you will never turn your back on me, unlike the people I tend to trust too easily. You have been there since day one and you will be here until the end. Besides Dad, I cannot say that about anyone else.

I also promise to take more pictures with you. You know how important photography and documentation is to me, and I need to include you more often. You have the biggest influence on my life.

I know we roll our eyes when people – friends, family, strangers – tell me how much I look like you, but it’s the greatest compliment I’ll ever receive. To have a piece of my mother in my life and my looks? Isn’t that the goal?

No one cares about me quite like you do. I am blessed to have a mom like you. It’s not Mother’s Day or your birthday, but I still feel that you deserve to know how special you are. It’s a Tuesday, and it’s the perfect time to remind you: you are so wonderful, I miss you, and I love you. I’ll see you in a few weeks.


Your Daughter

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