ICTV: Practice Broadcast

It was all pretend, but it felt so real.

I showed up three hours early to create my forecast and put them onto slides for my forecast (using Photoshop was a challenge on its own). Once they were completed, I went through what I was going to say. I was so nervous, but this broadcast was not being filmed anyway, so I needed to relax.

Everyone in the newsroom was so sweet. They were so welcoming to me, especially coming from a different school and being a freshman. My anchors were cool, and I think our personalities will mix well while on-screen.

Everything went smoothly during the actual broadcast. The anchors did their thing, I did my thing. It was cool. We received critiques, so we can improve for the live show. I can’t wait until people can actually watch the show in real time.

I look forward to next week and each week after that. It should be interesting, but I’m glad that I get to start early on what I love to do. Stay tuned.


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