The Alternative

Employee meals are gross to begin with. Imagine having a dietary restriction on top of that. You’re essentially left with no choices. On the occasion I don’t have to deal with the meals they have prepared for us while I’m at work, I’m allowed to order off the “Employee Meal” menu. This is a step up from the meals they place in sternos for everyone to eat from. This is a meal that I choose and am able to customize from the preset menu. However, this menu is still quite selective.

The options are extremely limited if you have a restriction. Being vegan, I can basically only order the mixed green salad (no cheese please). But I rarely want to eat a plain plant for dinner (the tofu is gross). So I needed to invest in some creativity.

I introduce: the ALT! It’s punny, because ALT is the abbreviation for alternative, and this meal is exactly that – my vegan alternative. Let me explain.

The Employee Menu offers a BLT, where you can also choose a side (fries or salad). Because sweet potato fries are a gift from the heavens, I obviously had to work with a meal that offers them. I decided to go with the BLT (hold the B).

Now, two pieces of bread surrounding tomato and lettuce isn’t very filling, so I needed something else. I decided to substitute avocado for the bacon. This was a wonderful decision.

From now on, my employee dinner will be an ALT sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries because quite honestly, it’s absolutely delicious.

In order to make it through a world of meat-eaters, you need to be creative and clever. I like to think that I’m a good mix of the two. Bon appétit!

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