Holy Grail Product

Everyone has that ONE product that they swear by. Whether it’s a beauty item, makeup product, or it’s in another category altogether, everyone has something that they must throw in their bags before a weekend getaway or a trip to the store. I prefer products that fit into more than one of these categories; my holy grail product is baby powder

  1. I love dry shampoo, more than a normal person should. Therefore, I run out of it way too often. Well, in desperate situations, baby powder serves as the perfect dry shampoo substitute.
  2. I can thank my mother for this one…for she informed of this after dinner one night (as I am not the neatest of eaters). If you put baby powder on oil and grease stains, it removes it from clothes. This has saved me a few times since then.
  3. This is unoriginal, but extremely useful. If you’re the type of person who sweats at the gym, then continues to carry her sneakers in her backpack for the rest of the day, you could appreciate the fact that a little baby powder can remove the odor from your shoes.
  4. If you need to easily wipe off sand after a long day at the beach, but you’re lacking one of those weird outdoor showers (or a hose), just use powder. This is super helpful for the common beach dweller, like myself.

Overall, bring a travel sized container of baby powder with you on your journey. It will save you from a few common crisis situations. You’re welcome.


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