Big/Little Week: REVEAL

Today is the day! I have been waiting to meet her since her first text, when she essentially kicked me out of my dorm. Nonetheless, today is Big/Little Reveal!!!

Little did I know, this wasn’t actually my first text from her. I met her on Bid Night (she even drove me to the house) and I got lunch with her the next day. We got along right from the start. But as the week began, I still wasn’t sure who my Big would be.

Before I left my dorm, I got a text telling me to wear a specific sweatshirt that she had left for me. She also mentioned something about string, but I didn’t know what she was talking about.

My Pledge Class arrived promptly at the house, and we noticed that there was string everywhere. We dropped our stuff on the back porch, and entered, tripping over more string along the way. The ends of 43 trails of string were taped to the wall, each with one of our names on it. I found my name, and started following the string to my Big, creating a massive ball of yarn along the way. The string went up the stairs, around a pillar, outside, up more stairs, etc. Finally, I reached the end.

Kayley greeted me with a huge hug, and I was so happy. She put on her matching sweatshirt and daisy headband, and the picture taking began. I was so happy.

I’m so excited to be a part of this lineage, this sisterhood, and this sorority. Delta Love!

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