Big/Little Week: Day Two

This blogpost is coming at you live very late on Friday night (yes, it’s still Friday, but no, it’s not that late). But that’s only because my Big decorated my room late tonight while I was out being social (yes, I’m surprised too). But nonetheless, I went to my room and was thrilled. Thank goodness there wasn’t a trail of confetti though. I have enough of that already (the confetti is still everywhere…literally everywhere).

Tonight, she left me food and more Delta gear! Vegan candy, vegan JERKY (?!), 4 bottles of my favorite Naked Juice (Green Machine), a huge bag of oranges, two packages of Oreos, a baseball cap, water bottles, Snapple, socks, and Disney stickers (including an Olaf decal). SO COOL! I seriously can’t wait to meet you. I love all the hints you’ve been giving me as well. You’re pretty great.

Delta Love

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