Big/Little Week: Day One

So the sorority life continues…even though it truly just began. It’s Big/Little week! These days are dedicated to “bigs,” or sponsors, showering their “little” with gifts and appreciation. The bigs remain anonymous, however, until “Big/Little Reveal” on Sunday. A random number texted me earlier today, asking when I would be away from my room. She said she was my big, but I have no idea who she is…yet.

Today was the first day, and when I went to my room, I was met with a big surprise. There was confetti all over the floor, balloons all over the bed, and a huge, light-up star hanging from the shelf. The room was a party, to say the least. There were such sweet, thoughtful gifts all over the bed, too. Along with some new TriDelta gear, there was a “Lion King” shirt, tons of makeup, and DIY projects. Everything was so thoughtful and I loved everything so much. I can’t wait to have a trail of confetti follow me everywhere I go.

Thank you!!! I can’t wait to meet you!!

Delta Love

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