“Guaranteed” Housing

One of the most important things I searched for when I visited colleges during my senior year of high school was a university with guaranteed housing. In other words, on top of everything I would have to deal with in college, I did not want to stress about finding somewhere to live. However, I applied Early Decision (which is binding) to a college where housing is not guaranteed all four years. And I got accepted. Oh, the irony.

I am not stressing yet, though. All freshmen are designated a part of campus where there is dorm-style living. This is nice, because you get to know your own class before branching out and living with older students. Once this year is over, though, we all must move on to bigger and better things (or new buildings).

Because I am in a sorority, I will be living in the house next year with most of the girls in my pledge class. So I don’t have to deal with the stress that some freshmen are currently going through.

Besides living in a greek house, the best place to live as a sophomore (in my opinion) is on West Campus. Many people also share this opinion. Therefore, there is a lottery system to decide which students get to live in those dorms. Each student that wants to live there must fill out an online form. Then, they will receive a random time slot, which tells them when they are allowed to choose a room. A friend of mine (who really, really wants a West Campus single) was lucky enough to receive the very first time slot. This means that her and 4 others will be able to block out rooms that they want to live in next year.

She got lucky with this, since it is completely random. For instance, although I am not living on West next year, I signed up in case I would receive a prime time slot. If that happened, I would give it to my suitemates so they could all block together. However, my life is an ironic mess, so I got a terrible time slot. Not that it matters, I just think it’s hilarious.

Overall, if you do not get lucky enough to receive a decent time slot (and your friends have the same luck) you probably have to live somewhere that was not your first choice. You’ll survive, but I am really sorry. Better luck finding a lease in Collegetown next year.

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