Everyone Should Be A Server

I have a strong opinion on this; I believe everyone should be a waiter/waitress at one point in their lives.

We all eat food. Duh. We all go to restaurants (some more than others). So we have all been on the customer side of the situation. I bet most of you have sent food back at a restaurant, or complained, or stiffed your waiter. If that’s the case, then most of you need to reevaluate your lives. Think about it from the opposite point of view.

The waitstaff cares about you. They want you to enjoy your experience at their employer’s restaurant. Do you think they really want something to go wrong with your food? Absolutely not. It not only upsets the customer, but also stresses out the waitstaff (especially since it is usually the kitchen’s fault). Trust me on this.

You won’t learn how to properly treat your servers unless you have been in their positions. I know this from experience. So for now, please be kind and patient. They are doing the best they can.

However, don’t stop there. Be more than patient. Think about your money situation. Need a job? I thought so. Apply at your favorite restaurant. Or even your least favorite restaurant, so then you won’t be tempted to eat the food. Either way, learn the ropes of serving food. The food and beverage industry is enormous, and the employees are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Again, I know this from personal experience.

I have worked as a waitress at a country club for nearly two years. I am currently still a waitress, but instead in the bar and lounge for a local hotel. I have served many, many customers. Whether they’re rude, sweet, or generous tippers, I’ve served them all. And I have learned so much along the way.

The job itself is just so interesting. You will never have a boring shift, I can guarantee that. Even if the floor is slow for a while, your coworkers will keep you company. My coworkers at the country club are some of the best, most diverse people I have ever met.

All in all, you won’t regret working a few months in this position. You will learn so much, and it will change your opinion on many things in the restaurant setting.




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