Sorority Recruitment: After

I told myself it would be worth it. And so far, it is.

Before I talk about Bid Night, let me first touch upon my Rush Week experience. I mentioned the very worst of it in another blog post. But honestly, that was nothing compared to how great the outcome is. Let me explain.

I should have known that a winter in upstate New York was going to be miserable. But I did not stand outside thirteen houses because I hated what I was doing. I loved going inside each house and meeting new people. I can’t even tell you how many people I have met this week (I seriously wish I could remember all of them, but alas, I really can’t).

This week, I stood in the cold for a reason. I hoped that there would be a purpose, a result, an outcome to a week of anxiety. Yesterday, I got my answer. Yesterday, I received my bid.

My Rho Gamma group met one last time to receive our bids. We were each handed a white envelope; mine had beautiful calligraphy on the back. All at once, we opened them. Because my bid was a “suicide bid,” I knew I would be receiving mine from Delta Delta Delta. But I was still extremely excited to tear open the envelope.

After screaming for a while, calling my mom, and getting ready for a great night, I met with the rest of my pledge class at our assigned spot.

The rest of the night consisted of meeting the rest of the chapter, meeting my pledge class, meeting my new sisters. I couldn’t be happier. So far, it seems like everything has fallen into place. Today is the first day of classes, and this semester has already exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait for the next few months. This semester is giving me a fresh start, and I will not waste that.

I guess all I can say now is: I am thrilled to be a pledge in TriDelta, and yes, this week – of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and freezing temperatures – was worth it.

If you’re in the middle of the recruitment process, and you are discouraged, please remember this: you only need ONE house. In the end, only one house is going to matter. Only one house will be your new home.

Delta Love! Δ Δ Δ



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