Keep Your Head Up

“If you don’t get your hopes up, you can’t be let down. Right?”

Even in situations where you don’t think anything else can go wrong, suddenly everything can go right. Very unexpectedly, may I add.

I don’t need to discuss the specifics, but let me just say this: yesterday was a day that I did not see coming.

There are times when you think you really want something. Like you really, really hope that this certain situation turns out in your favor. But when it doesn’t, you feel worthless. You feel as if there is nothing you can do but indulge in your favorite foods and be surrounded by friends. This was exactly how my morning went. I hoped for something, got let down, and ran over to a cafe with my suitemates to eat some unhealthy choices.

However, I could not hide. I still had events on my schedule, so I managed to leave the cafe in order to do what I had to do. Then it happened. The most unexpected and wonderful thing.

Like I previously said, I won’t go into detail. But you don’t need to know the details in order to take away this message: keep your head up, everything happens for a reason, and you are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

In due time, someone will remind you of that, even if you aren’t strong enough to realize it yourself. It only takes one sentence to completely turn your day around.



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