My Top YouTubers

I have been mildly obsessed with YouTube for over five years now. When people ask me about pop culture, I rarely know the details of what they are asking me. But if someone wanted to discuss YouTube personalities, I could probably help them to write a book. The lives of YouTubers have become so interesting to me. So as some people are dedicated to certain TV shows, I make it a priority to watch YouTube videos.

I am (kind of) ashamed to admit the number of channels I am currently subscribed to. So I will skip over the tiny details and instead tell you about my (in no particular order) top ten favorite YouTube personalities/channels.

  1. Zoella


Zoë Sugg, otherwise known as Zoella, is a British beauty guru. She is a really delightful internet personality to watch. In the next few weeks, she will pass the milestone of having 10 million people subscribed to her YouTube channel, which is incredible. I have watched her videos for years, and am still subscribed because her content gets better and better with each video. She also has a second channel, MoreZoella, where she vlogs quite often.

2. Joey Graceffa


Joey Graceffa is probably my all-time favorite YouTuber. He was one of the first people I subscribed to, and when people ask my about YouTube, I always recommend his videos above anyone else’s. I had the privilege of meeting Joey in January 2014, which was one of my best days. Joey has been on two seasons of The Amazing Race and has written a book (like many other internet stars). He is known for his daily vlogs, and he really is so wonderful.

3. Ingrid Nilsen


Ingrid is another one of the original people that I subscribed to. I absolutely adore Ingrid. She has grown immensely over the past five years, and although her audience is not always happy with the changes to her channel, she is still my favorite female vlogger. I met Ingrid at Playlist Live in November of 2014. She is my idol. She is so confident and wonderful. She isn’t afraid to be herself, and she is highly respected in the YouTube community. She was recently selected to visit the White House and meet/interview President Obama.

4. Vlogbrothers — Hank and John Green


John and Hank Green started their channel under the name “Brotherhood 2.0,” where they each uploaded videos on alternate days as their only form of communication. Today, each of them still uploads weekly and directs their video to the other brother by beginning the video with “Good Morning, John” and vice versa. You might recognize John as the author of famous novels such as The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. Both Hank and John also upload educational videos to another channel known as CrashCourse.

5. Meghan Rienks


Meghan is an outgoing, hilarious, aspiring actress. She could also be considered a beauty guru, but I am subscribed to her channel because she I truly enjoy watching her personality shine through each video. Meghan Rosette’s channel was the very first one that I subscribed to. I remember that moment really well. I guess you could say that’s when my addiction began.

6. Blogilates — Cassey Ho


Cassey’s channel is dedicated to health and fitness. She constantly posts new workout videos. Additionally, she uploads vlogs that discuss healthy recipes or good advice. She is extremely motivational. She is my go-to when I am at the gym. I highly recommend her videos.

7. Connor Franta


Oh Connor. He is so so so successful. His memoir, A Work in Progress, is a NY Times Bestselling book. His brand, Common Culture, is involved with music compilations, coffee, and clothing. His YouTube channel started his success, and I discovered him through a group channel he used to be a part of (Our Second Life). I met Connor in October of 2013 in Philadelphia. His content is so professional and well-made. He will always be a favorite of mine.

8. Philip DeFranco


He is the proud host of the Philip DeFranco Show, where he talks about relevant news. This is where I keep up-to-date on what is going on in the world, because no one can explain it quite like he can. He is also a part of the SourceFed business, which has its own line of channels and products. Furthermore, his wife, Lindsay, leads a channel named TheDeFrancoFam, which produces vlog-style videos that surrounds their life and their adorable son, Trey.

9. Troye Sivan


Troye has used his channel to further his music career. In the beginning, he posted videos all the time, purely for the sake of posting videos. Then one day he announced he was creating an EP entitled “TRXYE” and released a single known as “Happy Little Pill.” Since then, Troye released a full album, “Blue Neighbourhood” which is absolute gold. This is one of my favorite albums, so I am very excited to see his concert in March.

10. Tyler Oakley


Tyler Oakley. One of the greatest YouTubers you can find. He has won countless awards, has written a book (Binge), currently hosts a podcast with Korey Kuhl known as “Psychobabble,” has been on several talk shows, and has an extremely successful channel. I met Tyler in November 2014. If I could suggest one personality to give you a glimpse of what YouTube is all about, it would be Tyler Oakley. He is a gem.





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