Can you eat that?

“Do you want a bite? Oh wait, you can’t eat this.”

Being a vegan isn’t exactly difficult, it’s just something you need to get used to. It’s simple enough to read ingredients or look up whether or not something contains animal products.  It’s even easier to ask your waiter about the vegan options they have. But being around people who eat meat and who cannot seem to accept your beliefs can be the hardest part of it all. But this is my decision, not yours, because – guess what – it is my life, not yours. I have no problem providing my own food if you want to order a pizza. I don’t ever want to be an inconvenience to you – don’t worry. But I do ask one thing: all I ask is that when I order my slightly-modified meal at a restaurant, try not to roll your eyes. Thank you.

I will never try to change your mind about this. I am also not asking you to do the same thing as me. Just don’t punish me because I have done my research. I am fairly new to this, and even though I recently discovered the facts, I am by no means am expert on nutrition or veganism. But, for now, I know what I am doing. I am not an idiot, after all. I did not change my diet because I hate my body or anything. In fact, I made the change because I LOVE my body. I want it to be the best it can be and perform to its full potential. Since you are what you eat, I would prefer to eat natural, whole foods. Foods that are colorful and delicious, not processed and greasy.

With that being said, I am still getting the key nutrients that I need to be healthy. I take my B12 and Iron supplements daily (B12 is found in most animal products). I get my protein in other ways – because get this – you don’t need to eat meat to be full. The best sources of protein can be found in lentils, quinoa, beans, and tofu. You can sweeten your tea with something other honey. And in case you were wondering, you also don’t need to consume dairy to have strong bones (soy and almond milks are sweeter and taste better anyway).

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian (or follow some variation of the two), then you made that decision for a reason, and you understand what I am saying. Thus, we have to stick together. Why? Because there is strength in numbers, and it is the right thing to do.

Hank Green posted this today. Please watch.


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