Sorority Recruitment: Before

Tomorrow is the first day of Sorority Rush Week. Not going to lie, I am pretty excited. I have a slight idea of what will happen during this next week. But in reality, I have no clue how this week will treat me; I can’t wait to find out.

As of now, I know that a few people in my major are in Kappa Delta and Delta Delta Delta, so it would be cool to be in the same sorority as them. I also have friends in other schools who are involved with Sigma Delta Tau and Delta Gamma. However, that is the extent of my knowledge about those or any of the other sororities.

I know that the weather in the past has been a huge obstacle. Trekking through the piles of snow to visit each and every sorority house will be quite the challenge. Hopefully, it will be worth it. (I’m sure it will be)

When most people think of sororities, they might think about movies like “The House Bunny” or “Sorority Wars.” Others may be reminded of extreme stories they have heard in the past. Thus, Greek Life has a bad reputation. But I am hoping that the opposite is true for my recruitment experience. I have been contacted by my Rho Gamma, my outfits have been picked out, and the weather looks clear (for now).


Like I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned.





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