Thoughts on “Death of a Bachelor”

Initial Reaction:

As soon as iTunes notified me that Panic! at the Disco’s album (which I preordered months ago) had finally been released, I dropped everything and hit the play button. I was with my fellow music-loving friend at the moment (she is obsessed with music), but I think my excitement still scared her. Wow, I was excited. I had heard the few songs that had been leaked before the official release, but I was still thrilled when the complete album finally downloaded. I blasted the first song, got up, and literally jumped and danced around my hotel room. Few things have yet to make me as happy as music does.

Song by Song:

  1. Victorious: (“We’ve gotta turn up the crazy”) I’m pretty sure this is the first song I heard from the new album when it was released as a single. Since then, the band has created a music video for it, which is pretty great. I love the pump-up vibe that this song emanates.
  2. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time: (“But I make these high heels work”) Released just days ahead of the album, this song is pretty raunchy. I mean, I can’t really relate to it, but I love the tune. A few instrumental parts somewhat remind me of Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman,” which also reminds me of the theme song from The Munsters. Regardless, it’s a fun song.
  3. Hallelujah: (“Just finish the daydream, who were you trying to be?”) This is another early release, and it got me excited for the rest of the album. This song has a really hopeful connotation. In other words, I’m reading the message as no matter how hard you hit the bottom, you can get back up stronger than before. To me, it’s just a very motivational song, if you are able to believe in yourself.
  4. Emperor’s New Clothes: (“The crown! So close, I can taste it”) THIS SONG. Wow, this one is fantastic. Don’t even get me started about the genius that is the music video. Few people have the talent to sing a song like this and get away with it, but Brendon Urie has the vocals for it. I just really love this song.
  5. Death of a Bachelor: (“Smile even though you’re sad”) The music video for this song was released before the song was available for download. Thus, I watched the black and white video at least 30 times before the album came out. Brendon definitely shows a new side through this song, a side that reminds me a lot of Frank Sinatra. It’s amazing how the lead singer of a punk band is able to sing like this. Nonetheless, this is my favorite song from the album.
  6. Crazy=Genius: (“You can set yourself on fire, but you’re never gunna learn”) This is a cool song to dance to. It’s fun and upbeat. The instrumental parts remind me of their old songs, which any true fan can enjoy. Again, Brendon’s vocals shine throughout the whole song.
  7. LA Devotee: (“You’ve two black eyes from loving too hard”) This was another song that was released prior to the complete album. It is mainly about someone who adores the beloved city of Los Angeles. With a steady theme throughout, this is a great song.
  8. Golden Days: (“Time will never break your heart, but it will take the pain away”) I really like this song because it reminds me to live in the present and not to worry about the future. The next few years are my prime years, so it reminds me to join them and not be scared of what is to come. Cherish the memories you have made and live every moment. Yeah, it is pretty sappy, but whatever. It’s a relatable song.
  9. The Good, The Bad And The Dirty: (“If you want to start a fight, you better throw the first punch, make it a good one”) This is not my favorite song, but I don’t dislike any song on this album. I really like the beginning of the song, and I feel like it would be a good song to start a setlist.
  10. House Of Memories: (“Take my picture now, shake it ’til you see it”) I really, really like this song. He mentions polaroid pictures, which really makes the imagery clear (in my head at least). I can picture a literal house filled with physical photos and memorable moments, both good and bad. What a great song. I wish I could sing this to a few people.
  11. Impossible Year: (“Clouds full of fear”) TEARS. NOTHING BUT TEARS. You know how people felt about Adele’s “Hello”? Well this is my equivalent. The meteorologist in me loves how he uses the weather as symbols for difficulty and depression in such a beautiful, yet somber way (which he also does in “Northen Downpour”, and I LOVE THAT). Again, Brendon’s vocals ripped my heart out. This song is just so gorgeous and it left me speechless. The instrumentals and the lyrics work so well together. It balances out the songs on this album that are much more fun and upbeat. It’s perfect. Definitely the runner-up on my favorites list.

Final Thoughts:

Brendon Urie. You are perfection. This album was wonderful. Thank you.

They are touring with Weezer and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Who wants to go to the concert with me? Anyone??

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